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Our Mission

“To commit our full effort in serving and helping the disadvantage community, both locally and internationally.”

At Digitec, we believe in the collective responsibility of business, government and the public to create a sustainable future together. We focus our investment of skills and resources where we believe they will have the greatest, lasting benefit for our communities and the environment For over period of time, Digitec has built a reputation in energy efficiency collectively in the Residential business and commercial market. Digitec also involving Smart meter rout program Telstra telecommunication network, along with installation of all kind electrical work in the industry.

Our investment of product, skills and resources is focused across the community, environment, marketplace and people. This enables us to truly integrate our expertise throughout everything we do at Digitec. Some areas where we believe we have made the greatest impact include:

  • Solar design and installation domestic and commercial
  • Telecommunication installation
  • Residential and commercial electrical installation and commissioning
  • Meter testing and commissioning
  • Victorian Government Energy efficiency target program



We believe we have built a great company thus far. And the company can only continue to be great if we hire the appropriate people. In the final analysis, the companies who get the best results are the ones who have the best strategy and who hire the best people. It is almost that simple.



Digitec Australia Pty Ltd is a company at the cutting edge of the Electrical and Telecommunications Energy efficiency consulting and management industry with nearly 20 years experience in the domestic, commercial, industrial and construction sectors. Our aim is to have lasting customer partnerships and thus we pride ourselves on quality customer service by providing a better experience through constant updates on project status and regardless of the size of the job we have the ability to hire and co-ordinate any additional staff, special tooling or machinery to ensure timely completion and customer satisfaction.


How do we do this?

By having a team of innovative, inspiring and highly qualified staff who are committed to maintaining peak performance across various categories of work. Our staff are empowered to reach their full potential and are required to obtain proper training and knowledge in technical skills and receive full accreditations to ensure that your needs are taken into great consideration and that the work gets done efficiently and with the highest standards leaving you with a lasting positive impression.

We strive to maintain the highest standard of safety and quality consistency with the best international practices. We strongly believe that every accident is avoidable which is why we pursue a ‘zero accident target’ for all our projects. 

The Digitec Australia Pty Ltd`s mission is to provide an Energy saving, efficient and cost-effective system for Victoria and throughout Australia. In discharging our responsibilities, we accord paramount importance to safety.


Our Commitments

We pledge to:

  • Place top priority on the safety and Quality of all customers service and equipment;
  • Make safety and Quality a primary objective in work undertaken on the field; and
  • Continually improve the overall safety and Quality performance of our projects as measured against previous projects of a similar nature. We pursue excellence in Delivering through:
  • Implementing a structured Project Safety and Quality Review (PSR) system on all employees working on the field as well as all staff in the office;
  • Complying with statutory requirements and implementing an occupational safety and health (OSH) management system on all employees working on the field as well as all the staff in the office;
  • Nurturing a corporate culture that promotes Safety and Quality;
  • Collaborating with relevant institutions or Organizations to enhance Safety and Quality.