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Smart meters are a world-class technology driving the biggest improvements to energy efficiency since electricity was discovered. The meters provide two-way communication between your electricity meter and your power company allowing the usage of electricity to be measured and recorded every half hour.

The meters can be read remotely via the internet or on a wireless hand-held device such as a PDA. This means that a meter reader won’t have to visit your home or your business but the information can be accessed immediately by both you and the power company.

The information is stored on a separate device placed outside of the meter cupboard and can be sent to hand-held devices, televisions, mobile phones or a personal computer. This handy device will allow you to view a list of all your appliances in the home and the amount of energy each one is using and calculate the cost of usage and even estimate the amount of carbon gas being emitted. 


Why Smart Meters?

Smart meters are a step towards creating smarter electricity grids delivering fast and energy efficient technology to countries around the world whilst the quest for a more long-term infrastructure and generation plan are being developed.

Industries, consumers and green groups embrace smart metering as it offers a long sought after breakthrough to the political deadlock that has held back a lasting solution to the current electricity infrastructure. The way electricity will be delivered during peak time will be improved and thus cut electricity generation costs – this alleviates the need for new power plants and cuts damaging greenhouse emissions. It is vital to build a system that improves the delivery of electricity and allow for the conservation and education of proper management of existing electrical resources.


Benefits of Smart Meters

  • Improved management of electricity load will provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity.
  • Peak electricity demand will be reduced and the process will be smoother.
  • Commercial customers will enjoy cheaper tariffs.
  • Customer service will improve.
  • There will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A reduction in energy theft will occur.
  • Complaints from householders for overcharging on bills will end.
  • Greater detail about the energy consumption will be delivered to utility companies.
  • Remote and speedier connections will be enabled, allowing easier disconnection and connection when moving house.
  • It will be easier to detect and locate outages and restore supply more quickly.
  • Supply can be disconnected in the event of energy theft.
  • The end of estimated bills.

Smart Grids

A smart grid is an integrated, interactive network that contains smart devices, advanced software and a two-way communication process that keeps track of all electricity flowing in home appliances allowing energy to be delivered to customers at the lowest cost, conserving energy whilst increasing reliability and transparency in all aspects of our day-to-day activities.

This innovative approach to delivering energy efficiency and reduce global warming is also able to predict, diagnose and alleviate issues that might previously have caused an outage or blackout. Customers are able to participate in the control of energy efficiency by monitoring the consumption of energy within the home or business. We’re bringing future technology to you today!